Mac OS X, post install steps

[Disclaimer] I don't like to spend much of my time setting up the tools I want to use; I prefer to be making stuff with them. So this may well not be the best way to setup a development environment, but... having done it twice this week (shiny new MacBook Air and fresh install on iMac), I figured I'd keep notes for future reference. What I do is:


Development environment


  1. Run software update
  2. Homebrew
    • Install homebrew
    • Install Xcode
    • Install some homebrew formulas:

      brew install wget

      brew install git

      brew install mysql

      brew install imagemagick

      brew install sphinx

      (remembering to follow any post-install notes these display)

  3. </p>
  4. Ruby
  5. </p>
  6. Some common gems

    gem install rails

    gem install bundler

    gem install mysql

    gem install passenger

    gem install gem-open

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  8. Main dev software
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  10. Customize system
    • I use TinkerTool to see hidden files in Finder.
    • Fork Ryan B's .dotfiles and customize to suit yourself.
    • Copy over ~/.gitconfig file from a backup
    • Copy over any extra Textmate bundles from a backup

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  12. SSH Keys

    I copy over my .ssh config and keys from a backup.

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  14. Setup your projects
    • Clone your project files, e.g. from github
    • Install necessary gems, e.g. in each (Rails 3) project: bundle install
    • Setup databases, e.g. for Rails projects rake db:setup

  15. </p>
  16. General software