I’m Keavy McMinn. I am a software engineer who loves solving product and technical challenges, and ultimately shipping software projects, all the way over the line.

I led significant engineering projects at GitHub, including GitHub Apps (1, 2, 3) and the Checks API (1). Two projects I architected and led at GitHub were featured during the opening keynote of the Microsoft Build conference in 2018 (!!).

I’m an endurance athlete, training for and competing in swim, bike and triathlon races. I once swam a 5km open water swim race with a broken leg. I do like a challenge.

What others say

Katrina Owen, senior Engineer at GitHub:

There are so many ways that you impress me.

One is that you have an uncanny ability to notice when there’s something “off” about a discussion or a solution. Something that everyone is missing. And then you figure out how to articulate the thing that is missing in a way that shines a bright light on that thing, and has everyone wondering how they could miss it in the first place.

I absolutely love how you do end-to-end spikes exploring technical problems and solutions. Where other teams can spend months and still not have even started asking themselves how they’re going to solve that hardest part, you tackle the riskiest, hardest, most impenetrable part first, with an experiment that explores the problem space, as well as the solution space.

You see big, meaty, technical opportunities. Where other people want to incrementally fix something (e.g. more granular oauth scopes), you take a step back and say “hang on”, and then figure out the enormous, underlying, invisible problem that we’ve all been ignoring.

Working with you was the first time I’d ever been able to disagree productively. When I had a different opinion or a different idea from you, you invariably approached the conversation from a point of view of “interesting! I wonder what you know that I don’t”, so it felt like we were exploring rather than fighting. And we always ended up with some surprising solution or answer because neither of us felt like we had to stick to our guns or protect ourselves. That was incredibly liberating.

Brandon Keepers, senior engineer at GitHub:

I have so much respect and admiration for you. The things you’ve built at GitHub have completely shaped the way I think about the product. I’m envious of your focus and dedication as you approached these ambitious projects and saw them through over months/years.

Francis Batac, Platform Support at GitHub:

The most impactful experience I’ve had with you is the way you treated me, taking the time to listen and collaborating on our work together here.

Ivan Zuzak, Platform Support Lead at GitHub:

You were and still are my favorite example of how I would like all Hubbers to behave.

Jenn Leaver, Documentation team manager at GitHub:

Keavy will make your product better and she’ll do it in a way that is collaborative and thoughtful. She’s the kind of engineer that people look up to, someone who inspires other people to do better and be better. More than that, she’s the kind of person who makes a real impact at a company in ways that go beyond writing code.

Shawn Davenport, VP of Security at GitHub:

Working with you has made us all better, and your work has made GitHub better (and safer for our users)!